Musibodas Classical Musicians

Musibodas Classical Musicians – over 15 years experience performing at weddings and events in Spain

Musibodas Classic Musicians

Musibodas Classical Musicians

The Musibodas Classical Musicians bring an element of style and class to any event where they perform.  Musibodas specialise in music for wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties.  Their range of performances include:

  • Violin Solo
  • Violin Duo (also with electric violins)
  • Duo Singer + Violin
  • Classical Trio: Violin + Singer + Cello
  • String Trio: 2 Violins + Cello
  • String Quartet: 2 Violins + Viola + Cello (+ Singer)

Marbella Violin Wedding

Musically, their styles include

  • Classical Music
  • Spanish Music
  • Tangos
  • Boleros
  • Ballads
  • Pop Music

Here you can watch a performance of Pachelbel’s Canon:

A performance of a Beach Boy’s classic:

Electric Violin Marbella

Would you like these amazing musicians at your event?  Please call, text, or WhatsApp +34 684 023403  or simply fill in the form below  and we will get back to you.

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